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Russ Berrie

American Russell Berrrie founded his own plush toy and gift company, Russ Berrie in 1963, from his own garage. He used the wealth of knowledge and experience that he had gained as a Toy Sales Representative as his foundation, and by 1964 his premier product, plush - Fuzzy Wuzzies - had arrived. He moved the business out of the garage and his legacy began.

Other cuddly toys and animals followed, with faithful Teddy Bears, ceramic gifts, and milestone commemorative gifts, becoming firm favourites, and much loved companions. He even delved into Limited Edition Teddy Bears, which delighted collectors, thanks to his adorable and appealing designs.

SUKI is now the UK replacement for Russ Berrie.

Russ was a very generous philanthropist, and shared his considerable wealth amongst Medical and other worthy Foundations in his name. So, when he passed away aged 69 in 2002, he was greatly missed. In 2001 Russ Berrie had sales of $294.3 Million, and employed over 1,500 employees, so it was a great surprise when they filed for bankrupty in 2011. Now, newly formed Suki Gifts have begun to fill the gap that Russ Berrie left behind, and have taken forward some of his much loved designs.